Connecticut Grants And Scholarships That Could Benefit Single Teenage Mothers

According latest survey figures, Connecticut has a median household income of $65,753 which is $15,251 higher than the median US household income. Though these figures look appealing, it is important to note that the higher per capita income is responsible for driving the living standards higher something that has affected single teenage mothers negatively. Research has shown that due to this kind of an effect, most teenage others end up engaged in enormous responsibilities which in return keep them out of college thus missing a great opportunity to better their lives and future in general. The cost of living is in particular responsible for this scenario with many teenage mothers seeking to juggle between responsibilities such as childcare, food, transport and healthcare for themselves and their young children.

The good news however is that there are various programs offering scholarships for single teenage mothers and one could take advantage of them in case they wish to enroll or return to college. This is highly advisable and as a single mom you should endeavor to better your life through further education as this could help prevent a life of struggles for yourself and your child in the years to come. Most of these programs are government run while others are community based. By applying in most of them, single teenage mothers increase their chances of being selected in some of them and this could help you clear your college years without a hitch.

Of the many different programs available for women in Connecticut is Pell Grant. This federal financial aid program was established with the goal of helping needy college students. The need-based program has been a great source of relief for many single teenage mothers not only in Connecticut but also in the whole country. One will however need to file their FAFSA application prior to the application for this grant as this normally helps to determine the extent of the applicant’s financial needs thus determining the amount of money to be awarded. The highest amount to be awarded by July 2012 was $5,550 although amounts awarded vary from one applicant to the other.

As a single teenage mother in Connecticut, it would be advisable to also look out for the different day to day life grants such as food vouchers, healthcare grants and Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program among others. Though the help given here cannot be transferred into your college education needs, it helps you to save some money which in return you can direct towards your college fees and other related needs. The greatest advantage of these different grants is that unlike loans, one does not have to pay back.

When planning to look for any state sponsored grant and scholarships for single teenage mothers in Connecticut, the initial step to take should be to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This form is normally the basis upon which you can apply for any kind of grant and scholarship in different schools within the state. As a single mother, it is also advisable for you to check out with the college that you enroll in to see whether they have any form of financial aid which you might qualify for.

Connecticut Aid for Public College Students Grant Program or CAPS Grant is another source of college funding which you could benefit from as a single teenage mom. Provided for by the department of public education in the state, the assistance offered could help bridge the gap in the student’s education budget and therefore it is worth applying.  CSUG (Connecticut State University Grant), Connecticut Independent College Student Grant Program and TEACH Grant program are also additional financial aid programs that you should consider as a single teenage mother if you plan to return to college. Remember that being a teenage mother is not a condemnation and therefore you should do whatever you can to equip yourself with the necessary skills which will help you stand out in the highly competitive job market.

Arkansas Single Teenage Mothers Scholarship Programs

Although the rate of pregnancy and parenthood among the young people has been on the decline, single teenage mothers still remains a major challenge in Arkansas. According to research and the available data, Arkansas has the third highest number of teenage pregnancies and this has contributed highly to the level of school dropout and poverty at the same time. With a household income of $16,904, Arkansas is ranked as the 48th richest state nationwide and this shows the reason as to why teenage mothers should embrace the thought of returning to school with the aim of making their lives better. There are various scholarships and grants that single teenage mothers in Arkansas could seek for with the aim of enrolling in schools within the state.

Arkansas single parent scholarship fund (ASPSF) is one of the most suitable scholarships that you could consider if you want to pursue higher education as it provides financial assistance to single mothers who have at least one child under their custody. Since it is geared towards helping the younger mothers, those who have already attained a bachelor’s degree are not eligible and should therefore not apply. The awards are sought through the Arkansas County of residence and one must be eligible for the Pell Grant in order to make the application. One of the advantages with this scholarship is that the successful applicants are free to spend the money on a number of life related needs such as their education, childcare and books. To apply for this scholarship, one should get in touch with the affiliate offices within their country of residence.

Federal grants also remain as one of the most suitable avenue for single teenage mothers wishing to go back to college and further their studies. Although not many are aware of Pell Grant, the program has over the past few years provided hundreds of young students with the necessary funds they need to pursue their studies and make their future bright.

Before applying for any of the available scholarships and grants, the single teenage mother should first secure an admission in any of the available colleges within Arkansas. This is a major requirement for most of the grants and therefore must not be ignored prior to the commencement of the entire process. Single moms seeking to pursue different courses will find different scholarships and grants tailored towards helping those who are disadvantaged but would want to pursue a career path in those specific fields. For example single teenage mothers will appreciate the Arkansas Health Education Grant (ARHEG) which is offered to students willing to pursue a career in health. This grant is specifically awarded those who wish to become podiatrists, dentists, chiropractors, osteopathic or optometrists.

Single teenage mothers will also find TANF or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families to be a great instrument when seeking for financial assistance in Arkansas. The program offers assistance to help equip the young people with the necessary tools that will eventually help them enter into the competitive job market. You can visit the TANF offices in Arkansas to get the required details and application materials. Arkansas Community Foundation is also another scholarship program that is supported by organizations, companies, families and individuals. This is also an ideal avenue for single mothers seeking to further their studies while at the same time caring for their young children. Different scholarships offered under this program have different requirements which you should know and adhere to in order to qualify for the assistance.

Additionally, it is important to understand that all the Arkansas state grants and scholarships have particular dates and requirements and you should therefore submit your application before the expiry of the set dates. You might also be required to fill the FAFSA application under most of these programs while others will only require the scholarship application only. Checking and understanding every requirement will be important in order to increase the chances of your application being granted.

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Alabama Scholarships For Single Teenage Mothers

Over the past few years, the cost of education and especially in colleges has risen in cost registering an all time high. This has come as an unbearable burden for many and especially the single teenage mothers living in Alabama who find it hard to juggle between their new found family responsibilities and the need to pursue their education. This has resulted in the rise of poverty for many of them affecting not only their personal lives but also the overall poverty levels within the state. With a per capita personal income standing at $34650, making ends meet for many single teenage moms is without a single doubt one of the toughest calls that will need to be arrested and especially through education.

As a single teenage mother, you can return to college and pursue your studies to a successful conclusion being equipped with all the right skills that you need in order to make it in the competitive job market. Many single mothers however have to contend with the lack of tuition fees and other necessary finances to cater for addition responsibilities. However, you can seek for the available scholarships for single teenage mothers available from both the federal government as well as other community based organizations. One of these programs in Alabama is the Alabama Student Grant Program which is available to those who are residents of this state. You can get all the necessary information about this funding from the financial office in your university or college or interest.

Another need based program that will suit you perfectly well as a single teenage mother in Alabama is the Alabama Student Assistance Program which deals with federal grants to help undergraduate students in different eligible institutions. Offering $2500 per year, this could help beef up your financial muscles giving you a god amount that will cater for your school needs. You will however need to file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application in order to facilitate for the determination of funding process. This form should be returned early in the year and you should place a lot of importance on the same as it plays a major role in determining the amount of money to be provided to the successful applicants.

In case you choose to enroll in a private non-profit institution in Alabama, you should also file your application for the Alabama Education Grant Program. To apply for this financial assistance program, you will need to get in touch with the college that you intend to attend as there are numerous such institutions that qualify for this program. Pell Grant is yet another great federal supported program that has proved to be a good ground for single teenage mothers seeking for scholarships and grants to return to college. As a need based program, this fund helps hundreds of students in Alabama every year and you could be one of the successful candidates to benefit from the same.

Additionally, it is important to note that most single teenage mothers do excel in various extra curriculum activities such as sporting activities. If you have an outstanding athletic talent, you should consider taking advantage of the Junior and Community College Athletics Scholarship which is provided to students enrolled in Alabama public junior and community colleges to help them pay for tuition and also get the relevant books that they need. You should also consider the Central Alabama Community Foundation scholarships which are provided every year to high school graduates in a number of counties within the state. Many Community Foundation Programs in Alabama are based on academic achievement as well as the students’ financial need.

Always seek to know the stipulated deadline for each of the scholarships available to you as this is an important part of the application process.

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Scholarship for single moms

Being a single mother means working hard for the survival of not only one’s own self but also of the children whose responsibility is on them. In such a time of hardships and financial crisis every year in different regions of the world, single mothers are involved in too much like paying bills and providing food and shelter to their children that they are not able to continue their education. For such mothers the colleges do offer scholarships so that they can complete their post secondary education and provide a bright future to their children. The residents of Arkansas are having this opportunity as they are provided with the single parent scholarships, those who are eligible. Locate your residence by going on this link

Single Mom Over five hundred women have been awarded by Jeanette Rankin foundation with scholarships since 1978 and have been there for moral and financial support to them in any and every sense. Every year from November to February i.e one third of a year, application forms are available for the single mothers. This scholarship is not only for single mothers but it is also a subset of women above thirty five years of age. The Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation is another organization working for the well being of single mothers and low income homes on a major level giving them financial and educational support and making them do the things in life on the social criteria. These scholarship programs discussed above have done a lot for the welfare of such deserving people of the respective locations

Help for Single Mons: Monetary and Non- Monetary Assistance

Single mothers usually feel difficulty to survive in terms of financial issues and day to day consumption funds. Single mother hood is a phenomenon that describes a life of a female individual who has to survive alone with a kid or kids because the father is not with her due to several reasons. There a number of issues those are related to single mother hood, for example death of biological father, starter marriages, divorce or timely separation and many others. To share the burden of a single mother government provides help for single mothers in monetary and non-monetary terms.

Financial HelpThe help for single moms is exclusively designed in such a way that it better meets the requirements of an alone female to raise her kid or kids. Problems are more when the mother is merely inexperienced and has not completed her education. To meet the requirements of daily life this help for single mother plays a vital role to assist the mother and her children’s requirements. The help for single moms includes a number of diversified grants including educational scholarships for mother and child as well, scholarship grants for routine expenses to meet daily life necessities and other financial and non-financial assistances are given to single mothers in the name head of help for single moms. These kinds of grants are really helpful for those individuals who do not have any opportunity and who are also have responsibilities on their shoulders all alone.

Being a single mother

Single parenting seems not an easy job for those who are stuck in it and because of being in it they have to be really cautious and need to think of everything in a linear manner. As the responsibilities are too long and hard one need to plan and work according to the made up plan so that they can have a good hand at handling life issues and the liability of their children. Single mother always try not to become a burden for the society and the neighbors. But still people around her try and help the person a lot. What is still needed is the regular financial assistance to the single parents especially mothers so that they can easily run their day to day operation of home and children and also work hard for the payment of bills that are needed to be covered at the end of every month.

Help For Single Mom Central governments of every country, either developed or developing, are working on this serious issue very sincerely and diligently. Programs and schemes are planned to be implement on different government sectors and institutions so that they can contribute in the welfare of single mothers. Jeanette has been working on this since 1978 and has been showing good results. W.I.C and S.N.A.P are programs who provide grants and also cares about the food nutrition’s and cheaper rates to be provided to such families. More over insurance of any dental medical or vision is provided by W.I.C program to the children of single mothers

What Type Of Job Schedule Is Right For You?

When it comes to working it is important to make sure it has a schedule that will work for you and your family.  If you have young children or children in school you will have a variety of issues to consider.  What are your skills and kind of jobs you are looking for?  Also, will you be paid what you are worth based on your education and experience?  Are you going to be happy with your job?  Also, what type of schedule is necessary with your job?  Do you have help from either the dad or family or friends when there is a problem and you need help?

DreamJobThe best job would have a schedule that would either be from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. or allow you to do some of your work from home if the need arose.  This could be a sick child, school delay or cancellation or some kind of emergency.  Then you still will need child care, but not for long if all of your children are in school.  It would be even better if your children could go to the child care before and/or after school that would be in the same school system.  Then the bus could pick them up and drop them off at the child care.

If you are a nurse or in the medical field somehow, you will need to take into consideration what type of nurse you are and how that affects your schedule.  There will be weekends involved.  If possible, you might consider seeing if you can work it out that your weekends are when they are with their dad so that you don’t have to worry about child care.  Also, if possible, you will need to try and stay away from the evening shift, unless you have a family member or friend who can help you out.  Now if you are a nurse at a doctor’s office, you may not have as much of a problem.

Maybe you work well working for yourself instead of others.  Then you can work from home, whether it is cleaning houses, offices or apartment complexes.  You could even work with landlords who rent their properties who need people to clean the house when they have tenants leave.  Or maybe you can freelance as a Virtual Assistance, Writer, and Editor or just about anything else.  This would allow for a schedule that would fit what is going on with your family.  It may be this will help save money for child care, whether all of your children are at school or not.  It is important to know how much work you can take on when working from home because you are at home.  It will be easy to get distracted in cleaning, cooking and other things.  It will be important to have a place you can work that won’t be a distraction for you.

Having a back up for child care in case of emergencies will be important.  Whether this is your child care provider, family or friends, you need to have a plan.  Make sure you communicate well the backup plan with all those involved.  When you don’t, there will be problems in child care.  Make sure to not take advantage of those who may be helping you for free, like family and friends.  You need their help and you don’t want them to find excuses why they can’t help you.  Let them know how much you appreciate all they do to help you out.

Some need the structure of working in an office or in an environment that is not home.  Then there are others who can work at home without any problems.  It is up to you to know what you can do.  If it has been awhile since you have done either of them, it will take some bit of an adjustment to get into the swing of it.  But knowing the schedule that will work for your family will make all the difference.  You need to be able to take care of your children, not just financially, but also as a mom, so you need to know that the schedule you have will allow you to be able to do this.

Understanding The Pay Schedule

Understanding how the pay schedule works will be important.  It is important to know when you get paid, what the pay period covers, etc.  Also knowing how you will get paid is also very important.  Are you only able to get an actual check or can you get direct deposit?  How does the pay schedule affect how I will pay the bills I have?  Getting the schedule down with the budget you have to work with will be important.  Knowing how your pay schedule will work can make all the difference.  Understanding the number of times you get paid in a month can make all the difference.

Pay ScheduleCompanies will pay on different schedules.  Some pay every week, while others will pay every 2 weeks and some are monthly.  Then there are companies who do a variety based on the type of position you have.  There are salary that may get paid once a month and have to turn in vacation time, etc. a certain way.  Then there hourly people will get paid weekly or every two weeks.  Then if you work for temporary agency for a company you may be paid weekly while those you work with who actually work for the company may get paid every two weeks.

Knowing how the pay schedule works for your company will help you with your budget.  It will help you know when you will pay your bills.  It will help you know what bills will be paid and when.  It will also help you know how much you need to save from one pay check to another for some of your bills and how to make your paycheck help you with your weekly expenses as well.  There are many things to take into consideration.  There are some bills that you can’t change the due date.  You will have a certain amount of time after the due date before your account will be late and you will need to pay a fee.  If you can work with some of the bills about your due date, then go ahead and do that to fit with your pay schedule.

If you can set up direct deposit, then go ahead and do that.  This can help you out if you have bill pay set up with a checking account or you send bills out according to your pay schedule.  This will also mean one less errand you have to run on pay day.  You just have to check your account to make sure it is there.  You just need to be aware of banking holidays that may affect when the money will actually be there.  Also knowing what you have to do in order to get paid is important.  Is there a paper timesheet you have to complete, or can you do it online?  That will depend on where you work.  Can it be faxed in or does it have to be mailed in or turned into a certain person?  A lot will depend on if you work on site or off site and what they say needs to be done.

The pay schedule will vary from company to company.  If you are changing where you work you may need to adjust how you budget based on how you get paid.  It may take some time to adjust to your new way of getting paid.  For example, you are getting paid every week to every 2 weeks or even once a month.  Or it may be that you got paid every two weeks and now you get paid every week.  It does take some getting used to.  Then if you work as a freelancer it will depend on who you are working for on how they want to pay you or have you invoice them.  Be willing to do some negotiating with them.

It is important to set up and understand your budget based on how often you get paid from your job.  This will make all the difference in how well you do and what you are able to do.  Realize it will take some work, but don’t be afraid of it and know you may be doing some adjusting based on what is going on with life in general.

Understanding Bankruptcy

Maybe as a single mother you have had to file bankruptcy.  Don’t feel ashamed about it.  You may have done it so you can get on your feet and be able to get a fresh start.  There are many things to consider when you are going to file for bankruptcy; this will help you be able to know what you can do afterwards along with what you may need to do afterwards as well.  There are things to think about before you just go out and file for bankruptcy.  You will need to remember that it will be on your record for 7 – 10 years based on the type of bankruptcy you are applying for.

It is important to have done everything possible to take care of all the debt you owe.  This may be working out payment plans other than what they are asking for.  If possible see if you have family or friends who can help you.  But the most important is too not getting the credit cards and use them for just anything.  Use the credit cards as an emergency help if you really need them.  Also, don’t take on more debt than you can really take care of with what you make from your paycheck.

Understanding BankruptcyThere are two types of bankruptcy for individuals.  There is Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for individuals.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy is when the creditors will just have to write off your accounts.  You only keep the things that will help you get to and from work or so you can work.  Then you get to start all over.  Chapter 13 is getting and taking what you have to pay off the debts that you own.  You will have 5 years to pay them back and the courts make sure that this is done.  Then you get to start all over.

It is important to know that you will have to go through credit counseling of some sort.  The states may say what it needs to be or depending on the lawyer you use, will determine what your counseling will be.  The counseling is usually in two parts.  You will need to have the certificate printed off to give the lawyer for your file.  The judge at the court may or may not need to see it, but having it in case it is requested will be important.  Also, whatever the lawyer says you need to provide, make sure you do that.  The sooner you get everything into them and pay the lawyer, the sooner the process for either of the bankruptcies will be able to take place.

You also don’t want to use just any lawyer to help you with the bankruptcy.  You want to make sure they specialize in bankruptcy.  They also need to have a proven record.  You want to see what they charge, but don’t necessarily go with the one that is the cheapest either.  By knowing what each of them can do and what they are saying will help you know where to go. Once you know who you will be using they can help you know which bankruptcy will be right for you.  They will even be able to help you know the process for both and understand what is necessary for both.

Once your bankruptcy goes through, if you need to make major purchases, you will need to have someone co-sign with you to help get your credit going.  But you will want to make sure you are making the payments.  This will help you repair your credit and you don’t want to hurt the co-signers credit either.  It is usually suggested that you way about 6 months before you do this.  Your school loans, if you have them cannot be written off in bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy may be what you need to do to help you get back on your feet.  If so, don’t be discouraged.  But be willing to learn from it and do better.  Watch what you do financially from that point forward.  You don’t want to get in so deep you don’t look forward to the phone ringing, but you also want to not be stressing about what is going on financially either.

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Taking On The New Role of Finances

Each household is different in how the finances are managed.  Some households the men will be in charge while other times it is the women and then there are the times it is a combination of both.  However it worked before, there is going to be a transition to being in complete charge of the finances.  You not only are responsible for the budget, but also what is coming in.  It will take some time to being responsible for all of it.  If this is a transition, then realize it will take some time, but don’t run from it, face it head on and see what happens.

When you are completely responsible for all the money that comes in and goes out it is important to understand what is going on and keep an eye on it.  There may be bills that you are still paying with your ex and there are those that you will take over completely.  Having a conversation with your ex about the bills that you still pay together will be important.  Also if insurance is being covered by them, knowing who is responsible for what will be important, along with making sure if you are going to be either taking the children to the doctor and picking up the medicine, you need to make sure you have a copy of the insurance card as well.

FinancesAlso, if child support is suppose to be coming in it will be important to know when it will be coming in, if it is coming in regularly, so you know how to budget.  If it doesn’t come in regularly don’t be afraid to take the necessary steps to get that to happen.  Your children deserve having it come in so that you can provide for them.  If it is not something that comes in regularly, then make your budget without it so that you know you can pay your bills, then when it does come in you will be able to provide the little extras for the children when it comes in.

Also part of transitioning to the new role of head of finances will be to look at what you are doing to bring in money.  Do you need to get a different job that will pay more?  What about asking for a raise?  Or, maybe you need to pick up more hours if you were working part-time.  Maybe it is a matter of adding more to your schedule if you work for yourself, whether it is as a consultant for a home based business or if it being a freelancer.  If there is a way that you control what comes in, then find a way to increase that amount, this is one of the best ways to help with the budget.

Also take a look at what is actually being used.  Are there things that can be cut back on?  Can you change the way you do things to help save money?  Are they creative ideas that you wanted to do before but didn’t, whether it is because others didn’t think it was possible or didn’t like?  Maybe it is spending a Saturday making some food and freezing it ahead so you can pull something out the night before to thaw and set the timer on the oven to start cooking or baking it while you are gone.  Or maybe it is getting some things ready to put in your crock pot/slow cooker to start cooking in the morning so when you get home it is ready to eat.

It is all a matter of trying new things or trying something a different way.  Maybe it is cutting back the number of minutes on the cell phone.  Maybe you don’t need as many channels on cable.  Maybe you set the heat back a little bit.  There are many different ways you can be in charge of the finances so that you end up coming out ahead.  You may learn or find new tips all the time.  It is a matter of looking around and seeing what you can do or do without. When you want to, you can take the bull by the horns and really do something good about it.

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