Housing Assistance for Single Mothers in New Jersey

Anny E. Casey Foundation clearly states that in 2009 there were more than 470.000 children raised by single mothers. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities made a study and discovered that rental assistance is given to more than 156.000 low-income families. In order to obtain housing assistance, single mothers must meet some requirements based on monthly income and number of children they raise.

State Homelessness Prevention Program

The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs is offering this program, which includes financial assistance for single mothers with a low monthly income, in order to prevent eviction. However, this program is available on a limited period of time, until the family becomes financially independent. If mothers are qualified for this program, the DCA will pay their rents to the house owner or directly to mortgage services.

Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Housing Choice Voucher Program in New Jersey, also known as the Section 8 Program, is administrated by the DCA (Department of Community Affairs). If single mothers are qualified for this program, they are given a rent subsidy that can be used also on the private market. By using this financial assistance, they can rent apartments or homes. In order to obtain a rent subsidy, the mother must meet income limits and she should also know that she must pay 30 % of the monthly rent from her pockets.

State Rental Assistance Program

This is another program administrated by the Department of Community Affairs. People who do not qualify for the program stated above (Housing Choice Voucher Program) may be eligible for this one. If the family income is less than 40 % of the median income, the participants are eligible for this program. However, as the HCVP, this assistance is also available on a limited period and the participants who already benefit from the Housing Choice Voucher Program are not eligible for this financial assistance.

New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency

No matter you have your own home, you want to buy a new one or you just want to rent one, you may benefit from the housing assistance offered by New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency. This program was designed for people who are in trouble with foreclosure or eviction; they can get a financial help, up to $ 20.000 in order to help them become financially independent again.

Public Housing Program

The Public Housing Program, also known as PHP, offers affordable homes for families with a low income. In order to qualify for this program, the participants must meet certain requirements and they are not allowed to pay more than 30 % of their monthly income for rent. In case they are eligible for this program, they can visit any local Department of Human Services to immediately start the program. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities clearly states that the New Jersey government offers people more than 40.000 houses through this program. The statistics point out that this is one of the best financial assistance programs available. 

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One thought on “Housing Assistance for Single Mothers in New Jersey

  1. hi am a single mother of 3 I will like to know the requirements that I need to qualify for the grant am not able to make my rent payments I went to social services and they told me I run out of my emergency assistance and NOW they approve me for school when I been waiting for the longest and I know its important for me to further my education but am stressing out how can I study work and take care of my kids the school is from 8-4 at these point I don’t know what to do I will just like help from June to September that’s when my school end and I will be able to find a job please help me I don’t want to be homeless with my three kids I really need it… thanks Yazmin Cucci

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