Housing Assistance for Single Mothers in Texas

Raising a child as a single mother is very difficult and when it comes to buying a new house, it may be impossible. The good news is that the federal programs available in Texas offer single mothers many opportunities if they decide to buy or rent a new home. The local charity organizations help them search for the most affordable house for them.

Austin Assistance

Single mothers living in areas of Texas may apply for several assistance programs, including housing assistance programs. If you decide to move to a new home and you are eligible for the program, you should know that there are many local charity agencies that offer to take care of your children until you move to your new home. Moreover, The Texas Home of Your Own Coalition offers financial assistance for single mothers living in this this area and want to buy or rent a new house or apartment; this financial assistance is based on their monthly income.

Fannie Mae

This is an interesting program available in this area for mothers that have some cash put away. The Fannie Mae program offers single mothers new houses and apartments at affordable prices. The single mother should visit any Fannie Mae Office available in the area and fill out some papers in order to qualify for a loan.

Affordable Housing Communities

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development offers funds for families that have a low monthly income. After receiving the funds, the Texas state government will offer houses and apartments at affordable prices. They must pay a small part of the monthly rent and the rest of it will be supported by the Texan government.

Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Housing Choice Voucher Program in Texas is administrated by the HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development). If single mothers are qualified for this program, they are given a rent subsidy that can be used also on the private market. By using this financial assistance, they can rent apartments or homes. In order to obtain a rent subsidy, the mother must meet income limits and she should also know that she must pay around 30 % of the monthly rent from her pockets. The National Center for Health in Public Hosting states that the Housing Choice Voucher Program offers financial assistance for more than 34.900 persons living in the areas of Texas.

Public Housing Program

The Public Housing Program, also known as PHP, is administrated by the Local Texan housing agencies. In case people are eligible for this program, they can visit any local Department of Human Services to immediately start the program. These local agencies own many apartments or houses in Texas. Families that live in Texas and have a low income may rent or buy these houses at affordable prices. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities clearly states that the Texan government offers people more than 70.000 houses through this program and over 25 % of them are occupied by families. 

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5 thoughts on “Housing Assistance for Single Mothers in Texas

  1. I am moving to Texas for a better job opportunity and a new start. I am a single mother of 3 and need help on a place to live. I am currently stay in Memphis,TN and having a hard time staying here.

  2. I am a single mother of two, and I have been building up my credit so I can get a good FHA/ HUD house of my own. Im am tired of renting and especially where and what I live in now, its ridiculous how rent has gone up. My family and I have gone through so much in the past and now that I have a great job, I can hopefully qualify for this program. Please Help.

  3. I need help on geting a housing choice voucher program to rent a aparment in Kingwood I found one apartment that I like the name of it is … for a 2bedroom with 2bath it $845 I have three kids I would love to move there and stsrt a better life for me and my kids and I’m looking for a job so I can get a car can you please help.

  4. Im a single mother of one who lives with her parents two sisters two nephews and a uncle. Trying to move out on my own but need a little help. I stay in Grand Prairie Tx and looking to stay somewhere in that area.

  5. hi i am a single mother of two a girl soon to be born valentines day (02-14-14) and a little 5 yr old boy i am located in dallas tx (75243) i currently work part time and i need a home for me and my kids please help me please

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