Kentucky Grants And Scholarships Suitable For Single Teenage Mothers

Among the different states in the US, Kentucky is one of the highly ranked states as far as teenage childbearing percentages are concerned. This is attributed to a number of factors one of them being the rising rate of poverty and the need to arrest the situation cannot be ignored. The main problem however is that most of the girls who give birth have to drop out of school with only a small percentage making it back primarily due to lack of funds to keep them in school again. The results is that many of these single teenage mothers have ended up suffering as they try to make ends meet with many not aware that they can benefit from different forms of grants and scholarships for single mothers available in the state. As a single mother, rising from this situation should be your goal as you look at various scholarship programs that are supported by both the government and different organizations within the state.

One of the main programs that you should consider especially if you are struggling financially is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) which provides the low-income residents with financial assistance to help them buy a decent meal for themselves. And although this program might not help you in paying for your college fees, getting the funding could come as a much needed relieve helping you to save some money for your college needs. Other grants and scholarships for single teenage mothers include Women, Infants and Children program or WICP which is federal supported and offer single mothers and other needy individuals with supplemental foods, healthcare referrals and nutritional education. Medical assistance programs and housing assistances are also available to people in need.

Additionally, you should check with the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) for different programs that targets single moms specifically. Most of the funds available and especially from, the federal government requires the applicant to file their FAFSA application and this is the first thing that you should do when considering to seek for financial assistance from numerous programs in the state. J.Jill Compassion Fund Grant is yet another ideal grant available to the single teenage mothers in the state of Kentucky and especially those that are in need of affordable housing and education. The aim of this program is to ensure that such women are able to become self-reliant something that you will appreciate as a single teenage mother.

Another great opportunity that you should look for as a single mom is the Talbots Women’s Scholarship Fund from the Talbots Charitable Foundation. Offered to those who desire to obtain a college education, this program provides women with grants ranging from $10,000 and $30,000. Open Meadows also offers valuable financial assistance to women and girls and this could also offer single teenage mothers with the much needed help to fund their education dreams. And although one might not be guaranteed of much money under this project, successful applicants will be assured of much needed assistance to aid in their career dreams.

It is advisable that single teenage mothers seeking for scholarships and grants should make a number of applications for different programs under which they qualify in order to increase the chances of being awarded one or two opportunities that will help pay for their education. Additional programs to consider include Pell Grant which is a federal sponsored need-based program, The Howard P. Rawlings Educational Excellence Awards, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) and others available from churches, colleges and different universities within the state of Kentucky.

It is important to check out on the requirements as well as the deadline for each scholarship or grant as a way of enhancing your chances of winning the awards. As a single teenage mother seeking scholarships and grants in the state, should also file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which helps determine the needs of every student and the amount of money to be awarded.

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