State Assistance for Single Mothers in Tennessee

Every woman who is raising her child alone is facing serious financial problems and struggles to offer him everything he wants. The Tennessee Department of Human Services offers a variety of programs designed to help families or single mothers that face major difficulties in raising their children. Families Frist Program, Adult Protective Services or Child Protective Services are some of the programs offered by this association. Moreover, there are also some special programs such as Drug and Alcohol Abuse Services and the Tennessee TANF State Plan available for single mothers and families with a low income. All you have to do to benefit from these assistances is to apply at your local Department of Human Services and to provide them some documents that state your situation; there are some other social programs which are designed exclusively for single mothers, such as health care, child care and housing assistance.

Families First Program

Families First Program offer temporary financial benefits to families that have serious cash problems. This program is available for five years and its main idea is to develop job training and emphasize their responsibilities. In order to qualify for this program, people must agree to attend a Personal Responsibility Plan. The Personal Responsibility Plan, also known as PRP, involves many aspects: parents must keep their children in school, participate to job training programs and also, they must be in touch with Child Support Services. If you agree with these program’s rules, financial independence will be provided for your family.

Child Care Assistance

The Tennessee Department of Human Services is offering you cash assistance for child care costs, if your family has a low monthly income. There are many available programs for child care assistance and some of them may require co-payment. The Teen Child Care Assistance is available for young mothers that live in Tennessee, with the condition that mothers will not quit their studies.

Healthcare Assistance

The Healthcare Assistance Program is known in this state as TennCare. Single mothers are free to opt for this program if they want to benefit from free doctor or hospital visits and prescribed medications. TennCare is a special program that also covers the costs of insurances and every single mother with a low monthly income is eligible for it. In order to qualify for this program, mothers must provide documents that state your monthly income.

Rent / Housing Assistance

The rental assistance programs in this state are offered you by The Tennessee Housing Development Agency; these assistances are only available for families with a very low income. The families who are eligible for this program have the chance to rent a suitable house for them, if the owner agrees to rent it under this program; they have this opportunity by obtaining a special voucher (The Housing Choice Voucher) that can be used for renting a house that meets certain safety specifications. This program is not available in all states and it is one of the most appreciated programs offered by local the local departments of human services. 

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  1. Hey.. How do we get started? Me and my family are struggling very bad at the moment, and were desperate for help.

  2. Hello
    I am a single mother of two sons. I need financial assistance to help raise my children appropriately. I cannot count on consistent, complete child support that will meet all of my sons needs day to day much less month to month. I have struggled with child care for my children to get to work and bring more money into my home to support them. This has been going on for five plus years and it is greatly affecting my sons well being. They need a balanced financial base to assist in meeting their needs. I am coming close to my breaking point. The struggle seems to never end.

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